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Minerals of Earth7

Minerals of Earth Test

Why is using a streak more reliable in identifying a mineral than using color is? If some types of minerals are exposed to water and air for a long period of time, they can change to a different color
Fluorescence A visible light emitted by substances when subjected to an ultra-violet light
Cleavage The splitting of a mineral along a smooth, flat surface
Ultra-Violet A form of radiant energy having wavelengths shorter than those of visible light and longer than those of x-rays
Luster The way a surface reflects light
Fracture The tendency of some minerals to break unevenly along curved or irregular surfaces
Mineral A naturally occurring solid consisting of a single element or compound
Streak The color of a mineral in powdered form
Hardness A mineral's resistance to being scratched
Density The measure of how much matter is in a given amount of space
Silicate Minerals Minerals that contain a combination of silicon and oxygen
Non-Silicate Minerals Minerals that do not contain and combination of silicon and oxygen
Created by: aglass10