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eletric stuff.

what are the components of an electric circuit? globe, cell, wires, switch
whats the name given to a flow of electrons? electric current
if electrons are going through a circuit, is there more resistance while going through the connecting wire or when going through a globe more resistance when going through the load
true or fals? the higher the voltage the more energy the cell can supply and to drive the electrons around and more current. true
what is the unit for current? amperes (amps) A
what is this the symbol for? V voltage
what is resistance measured in? ohms.
can an electric current savre your life? yes
does a defribillation stp the heart for a while? yes
does a series circuit have two possible ways that the current could go? no. a parrallal does
what glows brighter, a series circuit or parrarel? parrelel.
what has higher resistance, a globe or the wire connecting the globe to the cell? the globe.
does a parralel circuit with five globes shine the same as a series circuit with only one globe? yes
what runs out of battery quicker, a series or parrallel circuit? parralel
substances that let electric through are called conductors, true? true
can electricity go through a substance that is an insulator? NO
at low temperature, is metal a super conductor or a semi conductor? super
does the tides provide energy? yes
how many watts are in a kilowatt? 1000
what does 1kwh stand for? 1 kilowatt
Created by: harrac110