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IVC CH3 Lesson 4

Chinese Link Level 2 Lesson 4

长 zhǎng chief, to grow
花 huā flower, spend money
习惯 xíguàn habit, be accustomed to
眼睛 yǎnjing eye
凉 liáng cool, cold
味道 wèidao flavor
精神 jīngshén vigor, energy, spirit
香 xiāng fragrant
健康 jiànkāng health, healthy
年轻 niánqīng young
些 xiē some, few
烫 tàng scald, to burn, hot
干杯 gān bēi to drink a toast, cheers!
永远 yǒngyuǎn forever
饱 bǎo eat till full
适应 shìyìng to suit, to fit
白天 báitiān daytime
地道 dìdao authentic, typical
只是 zhǐshì only, merely
难得 nándé hard to come by
街道 jiēdào street
困 kùn dozy, sleepy
睡不着 shuìbuzháo unable to sleep
小意思 xiǎoyìsi not a big deal
白头发 báitóufǎ white hair
时差 shíchā jet-lag, time difference
药草 yàocǎo herb
维生素 wéishēngsù vitamin
俱全 jùquán altogether
年糕 niángāo new year cake
破费 pòfèi spend money
相聚 xiāngjù to get together
特地 tèdì especially for
家常便饭 jiāchángbiànfàn homemade meal
拿手菜 náshǒucài specialty dish
师母 shi1mǔ teacher's wife
Created by: kentabacchi
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