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IVC CH3 Lesson 3

Chinese Link Level 2 Lesson 3

一直 yìzhí always, all along, straight
找 zhǎo try to find, look for, seek
转 zhuǎn to turn, to change, to transfer
往 wǎng to go (in a direction), towards
向 xiàng towards, to turn, to face
右 yòu right (hand)
马路 mǎlù street, road
电子 diànzǐ electronic, electron
司机 sījī driver, chauffeur
出差 chū chāi go on a business trip
拐 guǎi turn to, kidnap
旅馆 lǚguǎn hotel
出租 chūzū rent out, let
本来 běnlái originally, at first
变化 biànhuà change, to change
桥 qiáo bridge
发展 fāzhǎn develop, development, growth
左 zuǒ the left side, left
计算机 jìsuànjī computer
公里 gōnglǐ kilometer
人民币 rénmínbì RMB, renminbi (China's currency)
变成 biàn chéng change into, become
航空 hángkōng aviation
路口 lùkǒu intersection (of roads), crossing
方向 fāngxiàng direction, orientation
红绿灯 hónglǜdēng traffic light
旅客 lǚkè traveler, tourist
载 zài carry, to load, to hold
假日 jiàrì holiday, non-working day
降落 jiàngluò descend, to land, put down
一栋楼 yídònglóu a building
单行道 dānxíngdào one-way street
农田 nóngtián farmland
各位 gèwèi gèwèi everybody
公尺 gōngchǐ meter
超车 chāochē overtaking another car
搭乘 dāchéng travel
交叉口 jiāochākǒu intersection
系上 xìshàng fasten
车费 chēfèi transportation fare
弯 wān curved, bend, to bend
路人 lùrén pedestrians
小吃店 xiǎochīdiàn snack bar,
用品 yòngpǐn articles for use, products, goods
后车箱 hòuchēxiāng the trunk of car
双行道 shuāngxíngdào two-way street
安全带 ān quán dài seat belt
Created by: kentabacchi
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