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Nutrition Ch 22

Enteral Nutrition

Complete formula Liquid that supllies all nutrients that are needed
Tube feeding Delivering nutrients thru a tube into stomach or intestine, usually faster & less costly
Nasogastric From the nose to the stomach
Nasoduodenal From the nose to the duodenum
Nasojejunal From the nose to the jejunum
Esophagostomy Surgical opening in the esophagus
Gastrostomy Surgical opening in the stomach
Jejunostomy Surgical opening in the intestine (Jejunum)
Aspiration pneumonia Infection of lung caused by inhaling regurgitated fluids
Feeding through the stomach Gives nutrient to the intestine at a control rate, but regurgitation is possible & peristalsis return later
Feeding through the intestine Floods the intestine w/ too many nutrients that don't all get absorbed, regurgitation is rare, peristalsis returns sooner in stress
Intact formula Contain complete whole proteins
Hydrolyzed formula Contain broken proteins
Isotonic formula Same concentration as blood
Hypertonic formula More concentrated than blood
Residue Secreation, bacteria, cells, fiber, and undigested food in the colon
Bolus feeding Delivering large volume quickly
Continuous drip feeding Slow delivery over 8 to 24 hours
Tube feedings in infants Often done thru mouth and usually inserted and removed at every feeding
Gastric residual Formula left in stomach from previous feeding
Safety and Regulation of enteral formulas Are regulated by FDA, but monitored by manufacters
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