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What are lethal plans of suicide? Guns, car crashes, hanging, and carbon monoxide are very lethal plans
What should nurse watch for in a client at risk for suicide? 1)isolating self 2)writing a will 3)collecting harmful objects 4)giving away belongings
Who are particularly at risk & are more successful in suicide attempts? Why? ELDERLY MEN are particularly at risk and are more successful in attempts BECAUSE THEY USE MORE LETHAL METHODS
What is the #1 nursing consideration for a suicidal client? PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT (SAFE-PROOF ROOM)
What kind of statements are appropriate when talking to a suicidal cleint? DIRECT, CLOSED-ENDED statements are appropriate when talking to a suicidal client. This is the only time the nurse should use closed-ended questions with psychiatric patients.
The nurse should encourage the client to RE-CHANNEL ANGER THROUGH __________. EXERCISE - do not take the client for a long walk because they can think about what they are going to do next during that long walk. Pick an exercise that will exert the patient the most to re-channel their anger - choose a PUNCHING BAG over a long walk.
Why is it important for the nurse to stay calm when dealing with a suicidal client? Stay calm because ANXIETY IS CONTAGIOUS!
When should the nurse use restraints? RESTRAINTS ONLY IF IT IS THE LAST RESORT! 1)check the client (esp if suicidal) every 15 minutes 2)remember hydration, nutrition & elimination 3)observe at 15, 30 minute intervals or one-to-one if the client cannot contract for safety
**** NCLEX TIP **** On NCLEX, stay away from restraints for as long as possible!
**** NCLEX HINT **** ALWAYS ask the patient if you suspect that they are suicidal - "Are you thinking about killing yourself?"
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