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Science Ch 3 Vocab.

Words from Science Chapter 3

land formed over many years by the build up of sand and dirt just offshore of the mainland barrier island
to dump new sand onto an eroded beach to restore it beach nourishment
when soil is plowed in curved rows that follow the shape of the land contour plowing
a wall across a river that controls the flow of river water dam
to deepen or widen a river or harbor dredging
when water flows or collects over land that is normally dry flood
a prepared path for flood waters to flow over, often to prevent damage to communities floodway
a thin, narrow wall built from the shoreline into the ocean jetty
a wall along a river or other body of water that serves to prevent flooding by keeping water behind it levee
an artificial lake, often formed when water collects behind a dam reservoir
a tall wall built along the rear edge of a beach sea wall
a natural resource made up of minerals and small rocks, water, gases, and organic matter soil
a system of pipes or channels that carry away storm water storm drain
the layer of soil just below the topsoil subsoil
when crops are planted on level sections called terraces terrace farming
the uppermost layer of soil topsoil
Created by: kimcoley