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CtES SieCh.9

Natural land shape/feature landform
All kinds of landforms in a certain place topography
Large/thick sheet of ice glacier
hill of sand, formed by wind sand dune
Water Eriosen can _______ _______. form canyons
You hike on a moraine. How can you tell? you see bits of rock, sand, & clay
area of new land at the mouth of a river delta
large hole from collapsed cave roof sink hole
What is not a cause of weathering? river carrying sediment & sand downstream
plants... break down rocks into smaller pieces/ preserves landforms by preventing eriosin
ice... creates moraines/ forms glacier grooves
wind... carries sediment/ weathers landforms
break in Earth's crust fault
mountain made of lava, ash, etc. volcano
shaking of ground caused by sudden release of energy in crust. earthquake
molten rock beneath earth's surface magma
plates float on earth's second layer called the _______. mantle
chain volcanos are formed when a plate moves over a hot spot
two sponges rubbing againts each other models plates rubbing together
a shaken can of soda models how a volcano has preasure build up
Created by: letabud