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science CH .9

a natral land shape or feature landform
All the kinds of landforms in a certain place topography
a large thick sheet of ice glacier
a hill of sand made and shaped by wind sand dune
how r canyons mostly formed they r formed by mostly water erosin
if you r hikieing up a slope landform, how can you tell if the landform is a moraine by seeing rocks, bolters, and clay
an area of new land at the mouth ofa river formed from sediments carried by the river delta
a large hole formed when the roof of a cave collapase sinkhole
where would you most likely find delta endod a rivers mouth
whitch of the following is NOT a cause of weathering A a river carries sand and sediment down stream B sand blows against a rocky surface C a plant grows ina crack in a rock
what carries sediment and loose soil in rivers and lakes water
what carries bits of sand in the air and the sand hits the rocks and wears the rock down wind
weathering rock ice
Whitch of the earths layers flot on top of water mentle
_________ ________ causes both eartquakes and volcanic eruptions moving plates
how are chains of volcanoes like the hawwian Islands Formed plates moving over a hot spot
what is a better modle shows the best process an bowl of jello or 2 sponges for and earthquake 2 sponges
what would make a better modle of a volcano firecrecraker or a can of pop can of pop
Created by: kiskistorm