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Maniac Magee

chapter book

commotion disturbance
wretch a miserable person
hoisted lifted
lunging to move forward suddenly
accurate exact
maniac a person who has extra enthusiasm
blundering moving/walking in a clumsy way
crammed packed tight
infamous having a bad reputation
obvious observable
dangled to hang loosely
ranting speaking in a violent manner
contortions twisting and bending out of shape
opponent one who is against another
cunning skill in deception
foresight to look into the future
escort a guide or guard
scan to look over quickly
finicky choosy/fussy
scowling wrinkling the forehead in anger
fatal deadly
instincts powerful motivations or impulses
pandemonium uproar; confusion
flinched winced; recoiled
cringed shrunk back in fear
conclusions end results
lurching rolling or pitching suddenly
digits number symbols
quiver shudder or tremble
expired ended
converged came together
apparently easily understood
pry to force open or up
vacant empty
grates parallel bars for blocking an opening
solitude aloneness
rookie first time player
sleazy dirty and shabby
prompt complain; grumble
Dumbfounded astonished;amazed
grizzled streaked with gray
rickety shaky
grouse instant
exhaustion complete weariness
preposterous indifferent in pleasure and pain
pursuers followers trying to overtake; chasers
mammoth gigantic; enormous
languished weakened; faded
ventured went in spite of risk
reluctant unwilling
stoic delicate ornamental work
pantry a room or closet used to store food
filigreed farfetched
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