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Food and Digestion

Chap 3

Nutrients a substance and food that gives your body the materials and energy that you need to carry out the jobs of the body sucessfully.
Calorie The amount of energy that is needed to bring up the tempurature of 1 gram of water by 1 celcious degree.
Carbohydrates Nutrients that are made up of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen these are also a source of energy, that provides the materials needed to produce parts of cells.
Glucose A type of sugar that is a major sorce of energy.
Fiber A complex xarbohyfrate found in plant foods that cannot be broken down by the body.
Fats Composed of hydrogen, oxyen, and carbon. Contains twice as much energy as an equal amount of carbohydrates.
Unsaturated Fats Oils that are usually liquid at room temperature.
Saturated Fats Fats such as butter are solid when at room temperture.
Cholesterol Waxy fat like substance that is only found in animal products,and can build up on your artery walls.
Proteins Nutrients that contain nitrogen as well as carbon, and hydrogen. These are needed for repair and tissue growth. They also play a part in chemical reactions in the cell.
Amino Acids Small structures that are linked together to form large protein molecules.
Vitamin Molecules that act as helpers in chemical reactions.
Minerals Nutrients that are needed in the body and are not made by living things.
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