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6th Grade Weather

Unit Study guide

Air in the atmosphere has less pressure because the higher you go (altitude) air pressure decreases because the higher you go (altitude) air pressure decreases
What layer is the ozone found in? stratosphere
3. List the layers of the atmosphere in order from Earth to space. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere.
What are the two most abundant gases in the atmosphere? Nitrogen and oxygen
What happens to the temperature as you travel up through the troposphere? Gets colder.
In which layer of the atmosphere do we find gasses needed for weather conditions? Troposphere.
Rain is most likely to occur when temperatures are above freezing. (32F)
What would happen if water could evaporate, but not condense ere would be no clouds and without clouds there would be no precipitation.
During which process of the water cycle does water vapor cool to form clouds Condensation
The water on the earth has been here millions of years
Be able to draw the water cycle including = water. evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, surface runoff and ground
Which kind of cloud produces thunderstorms cumulonimbus
Where do hurricanes develop warm tropical oceans
Clouds that can be described as cotton balls cumulus clouds
Thin, white feathery clouds made of ice crystals cirrus
What is the greatest source of water entering the atmosphere through evaporation oceans
The eye of the hurricane is calm
Along a warm front, the warmer less dense air rises above the cold air producing long periods of rain or precipitation
Fronts occur at the boundary of two unequal air masses.
Precipitation and storms occur in low pressure systems.
A hurricane is a low pressure system with very high winds and forms over warm oceans.
Cool air masses tend to be heavier/dense and flow under warm air masses
What has helped us to have more accurate weather forecasting Technology
People who study the weather and predict the forecast are known as = meteorologist.
What measures wind speed = Anemometer
Relative humidly can be measured with = a sling psychromoter
Air pressure is measured with . a barometer
Created by: rlcrowley