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Bio Chap 2


study of matter chemistry
anything that occupies space & has mass matter
quantitity of matter mass
pull of gravity weight
pure substance that can be broken down into a simpler kind of matter elements
center of the atom nucleus
has a positive charge protons
the nunber of protons in an element & it identifies the element atomic number
are neutral, no charge neutrons
what makes up the atomic mass? protons & neutrons
electrons have a _________ charge negative charge
elements with the same number of protons & a different number of neutrons isotope
all elements have ________ isotopes
2 or more different elements bonded together compound
2 or more elements covalently bonded together molecule
2 atoms share a pair of electons covalent bond
atoms give & take electrons ionic bond
enegry available for work free energy
energy in storage potential energy
energy in motion kinetic energy
breaking of bonds and forming of new bonds chemical reaction
matter can neither be created nor destroyed only changed law of conservation of matter
involves the release of energy exeronic reaction
endogonic reaction involves the absoprtion of energy
amount of energy needed to start a reaction activation energy
speeds up rate of a reaction catalyst
2 parts of a mixture solute & solvent
substance that dissolves solute
substance in which the solute is dissolved solvent
water is the solvent in an ________ solution aqueus
measurement of the amount of solute dissolved in the solution concentration
exess amount of hydrogen acid
exess amount of hydroxide base
on the pH scale, the closer to 0 the _______ the acid stonger
neutralizes long amount of acid or base buffer
changes color in presence of what your testing for indicator
when pleaced into base tuyrbs blue but when placed into acid stays red red litmuus paper
when placed into a base stays blue but when placed into an acid turns red blue litmus paper
changes to various colors based on how acidic or basic the substance is pH paper
Created by: nicole_kunkle