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TYPE Anticonvulsant and sedative agent
PRESENTATION 5 mg in 5ml ampoules 15 mg in 3ml ampoules
ACTIONS 1. Anticonvulsant – reduces seizure activity 2. Minor tranquilliser 3. Muscle relaxant Onset (IV) 1 – 5 mins Duration2 – 3 hours Onset (IM) 2 – 5 mins Duration? 2 – 3 hours
USES: 1 Status epilepticus 2 Sedation to mx AW, RSI, sedation ofa previously intubated pt 3 Adjunct to analgesia for injuries w/signif muscle spasm 4 To mx agitated & combative pts 5 To mx autonomic hyperreflexia 6 Antiemetic-esp paeds
ADVERSE EFFECTS Depression of level of consciousness - leading to: 1. Respiratory depression 2. Loss of airway control 3. Hypotension
CONTRA-INDICATIONS Known hypersensitivity
PRECAUTIONS 1. Haemodynamic instability 2. Respiratory depression
Dose Seizures Adult dose: Up to 0.1 mg/kg lV, over 2 minutes, until fitting ceases. Rpt if fitting continues or recurs. Paediatric dose Up to 0.1 mg/kg IV, over 2 min until fitting ceases Rpt if fitting continues or recurs. I.M 0.1 mg/kg Repeatx 1 after 10 min
Dose analgesic with muscle spasm Following 1 dose of Penthrane or 2 doses of Morphine, if severe pain & muscle spasm are still present – Up to 0.05 mg/kg IV over 2 minutes Repeat x 1 as required Further analgesic doses are to be given with caution
Mild sedation for basic AW Mx Up to 0.1 mg/kg over 2 minutes
Sedation w/morph for AW Mx Adult: 10 mg IV rapid push (adjusted for patient weight, age and BP) Paediatric: 0.1 mg/kg rapid push Repeat x 1 as required
Dose With Sux 0.05 mg/kg IV
Dose for combative or agitated pt Up to 0.1 mg/kg IV, until manageable. rpt as req, same dose IM If agitation & combativeness due to psychostimulant Up to 0.2 mg/kg IV, until manageable IM: 0.2 mg/kg * May repeat as required to continue management
Dose autonomic hyperreflexia After identifying causes and trying appropriate actions and if BP remains elevated then: IV: 0.05 mg/kg, over one minute, May be repeated once after 10 minutes if no fall in BP IM: 0.1 mg/kg
Antiemetic 0.05 mg/kg IV
Created by: mattypepper



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