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Magnesium Sulphate

TYPE Electrolyte solution
PRESENTATION 50% solution (10mMol) 2.5g in 5ml vial
ACTION: Magn is the 2nd most abundant intracellularcation. Less than 1% is present in extracellular fluidMagnesium is involved in the processes regulating Sodium and Potassium movement across cell membranes and it may promote myocardial cell membrane stability
Uses 1. Torsades de pointes (polymorphic VT) (Often associated with prolonged QT interval) 2. Refractory VF 3. Digoxin and Tricyclic antidepressant toxicity 4. Seizures due to eclampsia
ADVERSE EFFECTS: Rare; more common if serum Mg is normal. Respiratory depression; nausea & vomiting;hypotension; confusion; bradycardia.
CONTRA-INDICATIONS AV block; renal failure; hepatic failure
PRECAUTIONS: Myaesthenia gravis
Dose CO: dilute up to 10mls with NS, 2.5g over 5min No CO: 2.5g over 30-60s Paed: 50mg/kg dilute to 10ml CO over 3-5min No CO over 30-60s
Special note Prolonged hypotension post-Magnesium administration; if unresponsive to fluids, patient may be treated with IV Calcium. Consider use of Springfusor for patients with cardiac output
Created by: mattypepper