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Greece Test

What are the 3 social groups in Sparta? Equals half-citizens Helots
What was called the “military machine"? Sparta
What was the Athen’s government? Monarchy --> Aristocratic --> Democracy
Who was Cleisthens? turned the Athens government from aristocratic to democratic
What does the quote “Come home carrying your shield or on it” mean? Where was the person from when they said this quote? Don't surrender
What happened when the Persians first tried to defeat Greece? Their ships sunk
What happened during the Battle of Marathon? 20,000 Persians vs 10.000 Athenians. Athenians were wimping, but when Persians start to leave they attack. Athenians killed 5,000 Persians and won.
Was the Battle of Marathon fair? No. Athenians started battle when Persians were already leaving.
Who was Xerxes? The leader of Persia. Had an army of 1,000,000. Marched while supply boats followed.
Who was the Athenian Admiral? Themistocles
Who was the king of Sparta? Leonidas
What does the quote “A wall of wood will protect Greece” mean? The supply ships that the Persians had were made of wood. the Oracal of Delphis said this to say that if the supply ships were destroyed, Greece could win.
What did Leonitus do? Controled 40,000 vs 1,000,000 Persians. Fought Persians in Thermopylae. Goal was to stall so they could destroy their supply ships. Sparta sent home people without families and left 300 to fight. They fought for a day.
Who won in the Battle of Thermopylae? Persia.
What was the Delian League? a place to store money for Athenian army. Threatened that if they didnt get money they would kill you. Instead used the money for buildings.
What are the effects of the Peloponnesian War? Spartans won = get Greece --> dont have enough of a population to have Greece. --> Masadonians claim Greece.
Who was Draco? Leader of Athens. Created law code with harsh rules.
What did Solon do? freed slaves
What place had the first democracy? Athens (direct democracy)
How were people chosen for the town council in Athens? randomly selected
What made someone the King of Sparta? smartest
What was the Hippocratic Oath? Doctors can't do bad things. Hippocrates - disease comes from natural causes; not gods
Who created the Pythagorean Theorem? Pythagoras
What does the Golden Ratio mean, and how was it used? it means beauty. to build architecture like the Parthenon. Also in people's faces.
Who created the first Geometry book? Euclid
Who was Sappho? a famous poet from the island of Lesbos.
Was Sappho a male or female? female
Who is known as the “father of History?” Herodotus. The first historian of the Western World.
Who is Aristotle? created scientific method. thought Alexander the Great
What was Thales’s job? Philosopher
What is the Parthenon? an architecture based off of the Golden Ratio.
Why was the Olympics important? it bonded the different parts of Greece.
What were some events in the Olympics? horse and chariot track and field discus running wrestling
What made Alexander the Great great? took over large Empire spread Greek culture today Greek backgrounds still exist Never lost battle(fought for 13yrs) Established 70 cities known as a god
What mad Alexander the Great not so great? family murdered after he died killed people selfish greedy lost land after all that
Where was the Minoen Civilization? Crete
Who conquered theMinoen civilization? Miceneans
Who conquered the Miconeans? Dorians
What made the Greek places similar? believed goddess of Helen made Greece celebrated the Olympics language didn't call Greeks barbarians
Who did the Spartans descend from? Dorians
What caused the Peleponisian War? Athens makes Delian League --> Athenians ask Spantains for help. --> Spantains ask Persians to help
Who participated in the Olympics? naked men
Who recruited the first regular paid army? Philip II (king of Macedonia)
Who created a Phalanx? What is a Phalanx? Philip II (king of Macedonia) long swords
What does Hellenistic mean? Rich owned the poor. (middle class=rich)
How does geography influence Greek history? Short mountain rages=separate villages small rivers=no large river system weather=good crops
what is a polis? city-states
What was Socrates job? Philosopher
Created by: rachel.carron



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