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prefixes suffixes

ac pertaining to maniac pertaining to mania
acou hear acoustic relating to hearing
acr(o) ends of a part acromegaly enlarged hands and feet
ad to, toward adduct movement toward the body
aden gland adenopathy gland disease
adip fat adipose tissue yellow fat under the skin
agora of the marketplace agoraphopia fear of open or crowded places
al pertaining to professional pertaining to the profession
alb white albino without pigment
alg pain cephalgia headache
algia pain neuralgia nerve pain
all different allograft transplant from another person
ambi both ambidextrous two rights
ana up, back, again,excessively anadipsia excessive thirst
andr(o) male androgen causing male-like attributes
angi(o) blood vessel angiogram recording vessel properties
aniso different in size anisocoria different sized pupils
ankyl(o) bent,crooked ankylosing ankylosing spondylitis
ante before, forward antegrade forward direction of flow
a without,lacking, not atypical not typical
ab away from abnormal away from normal
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