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caroline science

science 2.1 Study Gu

rain that is more acidic than normal due to pollution acid rain
force of air molecules pushing on area air pressure
outer layer of gasses in large body of space mixture of gases that surround earth atmosphere
instrument used to measure air pressure in atmosphere barometer
influence of earths rotation on objects that move over earth coriolis effect
tempurature which air with a given amount of water vapor will reach saturation dew point
process wich a substance changes from a liquid to gas by random particle movement evaporation
rain that freezes when it hits the ground of a surface and covers it with ice freezing rain
winds that travel long distances in steady patterns over several weeks global winds
lumps or balls of ice that fall from big clouds hail
amount of water vapor in the air humitity
wind that flows in upper troposphere from west to east over vast distances very fast jet streams
winds that change direction with the seasons monsoons
any type of liquid or solid that falls to earths surface such as rain snow or hail precipitation
comparison of amount of water vapor in air with maximum amount of water vapor there can be in air at that tempurature relative humitity
condition of earths atmosphere in which the rates of evaporation and condensation are equal saturation
small pellets of ice that form when rain passes through a layer of cold air and freezes before hitting the ground sleet
the condition of earths atmosphere at a particular time and place weather
horizontal movement of air caused by differences in air pressure wind
what is the water cycle? water evaporates water vapor condenses water falls to earths surface
clouds that form at high altitudes, whispy feathery apperence, and a sign that a storm is approaching cirrus clouds
puffy white clouds with dark base, and forms when warm air rises and water vapor condenses cumulus clouds
make whole sky look grey, form in layers when air cools over a large area without rising, low types produce light rain stratus clouds
cloud that rests on ground or on body of water at daytime, smooth apperence, forms when surface is colder than air fog
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