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Unit 6 Quiz


What did God give to bush babies,lorises, and lemurs that help them hunt at night since they are nocturnal? Big eyes that reflect light.
What kind of tool is the aye-aye's bony finger used for? To help them spear insects inside of tree branches.
List 3 ways that primates are similar to other wild animals. They can sit and stand like bears, they have teeth like a lions, and similar hands as raccoons.
List 3 ways primates are different from people. Their teeth, their brains are smaller and their facial expressions
Why do humans and primates have similar characteristics? Because they were both created by the same creator... God
What do we know about the teeth of the aye-aye? They never stop growing so they chew on wood to keep them trimmed
The name of the tarsier comes from the same root of what word? Tarsal which is the ankle bone... the tarsier's have unusually long ankle bones.
Give me two ways marmosets and tamarins are alike. they grow only to be the size of a small cat or a squirrel, they have very strong senses especially their sense of smell
List two differences in a monkey and an ape. monkeys have tails, apes do not; apes swing from tree to tree, monkeys jump
What does the word arboreal mean? They live and spend most of their time in trees
What is the feature that is used to classify primates? Their nose
What are lesser apes called? gibbons
Who or what was created in the image of God? Man
Can primates change their surroundings like humans? No
Name two Old World monkeys. Leaf monkeys and babboons
Are Tamarins and marmosets Old World or New World monkeys? New World
Which has a larger brain apes or monkeys? Apes
Most primates are either social or solitary? social
Created by: kjproverbs356