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a disease causing organism pathogen
a course of treatment therapy
scientific term for worm helminith
group of organisms that includes yeasts and molds fungi
group of small bacteria that includes the agents causing trachoma and parrot fever chlamydias
rod-shaped bacteria bacilli
the group of microorganisms described as animal-like protozoa
the smallest known infectious agents viruses
The process of determining the nature of an illness diagnosis
a group of signs and symptoms that occur together syndrome
a disorder without known cause, or self originating idiopathic
the study of the cause of a disorder etiology
a disease that is present continuously in a given area endemic
the study that deals with the nature of disease and includes the changes caused by disease pathology
a disease that can be transmitted from one person to another communicable
a prediction of the probable outcome of a disease prognosis
spherical bacteria in chains streptococci
spherical bacteria in bunches staphylococci
slightly curved bacteria, like a comma vibro
kills everything sterilization
mycology is the study of.... fungi
bacteria that can grow in the absence of oxygen anaerobic
needs oxygen to grow aerobic
the commonly used staining procedure is known as gram stain
a blueish purple dye is added to a sample and then a weak solution of iodine is added process of gram staining
when gram staining and the alcohol does not remove the dye gram positive
when gram staining and the alcohol removes the coloring gram negative
a method of staining where where organisms turn the color red acid fast
What causes AIDS? viruses
What causes Malaria? Protozoan
What causes chicken pox viruses
Created by: lilmarie