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test questions for capstone seminar

Why must raccoons live near water Because they do not produce saliva, and they need water to swallow their food
What percentage of the earth's surface is water? 70%
Centuries of rain, and cooling of the Earth created the oceans in which geological time period? The Precambrian period
California is allocated 4.4 million acre/ft of water from the Colorado river, how much do they actually use? 5.2 million acre/ft
What percentage of the water California recieves from the Colorado river is used for agriculture? 80%
Not actively aiding endangered species, and letting nature take its course is an example of ... Natural Preservation
Which piece of legislation includes sets a standard for refineries to use 25% renewable energy by 2025? The 2009 Climate Bill
What percentage of butterflies that inhabit the Dripping Springs region below th Grand Canyon are dependant on spring water? 75%
Las Vegas' population is currently two million, by 2020, it's population is expected to be... Three Million
In 2009, Las Vegas implemented a program that paid citizens to remove their lawngrass, and replace it with native vegitation, how much did this cost the city? 110 Million
The estimated value of agricultural land along the Klamath river is worth $20/acre without water rights, how much per acre is agricultural land worth in the area with water rights? $2000/acre
Portland is now the greenest city in the U.S., and is a member of Cities for Climate Protection (CCP), in 2006 Portland had reduced its CO2 emmission levels to match levels found in which year? 1998
If the Matalija Dam is removed, Ventura Beach's width will increse by how much? 30 feet
What percentage of farmed salmon, raised on the Pacific coast, are non-native species? 80%
What percentage of U.S. fruits and vegetables are grown in the Central Valley of California? 35%
What percentage of the original wetlands once found in the San Francisco are still exist today? 5%
The Endangered Species Act of 1973 includes water rights for endangered species to provide for ... Minimal Survival Rates
What year was 120 miles of the Clark Fork river designated as a Superfund site? 1983
A strategy used by some to increase the possibility of resolving environmental issues is to connect the environmental issue to an issue of National Security
Salmon farms produce raw sewage that is equivalent to the amount of sewage produced by a city of 65,000 people, however... Sewage from the salmon farms is untreated
What river is used to trasport 500 million tons of cargo per year? The Mississippi river
Permits are sold for float trips on the Colorado river, and are limited to how many trips per year? 20,000
How much does the Central Valley Irrigation Project charge per acre/foot of water? 15 dollars
Cities for Climate Protection membership includes 1200 cities, from how many countries? 43 countries
Two Forks Dam in Wyoming was vetoed by EPA director... William Reilly
Floyd Dominy, who beleived rafting was boring, was the commissioner for the Bureau of Reclamation during what years? 1959-69
By 1997 the storage capacity of Matijila Dam had been reduced by 93%, as a result sand is produced for which famous beach? Ventura Beach
The National Inventory of Dams includes 76,000 dams that are over the height of... 6 feet
Congress appropriated a feasibility study to investigate raising Shasta Dam, how much is the study proposed to cost? 358 million dollars
Sea lice infestation can be fatal to salmon, how many sea lice are necessary to cause the death of an individual salmon? 8
What nearby dam, located in Wyoming, was built by the Bureau of Reclamation under Floyd Dominy? Yellowtail Dam
How many million birds use the Great Salt Lake as a migratory stop annually? 5 million
What strategy for acquiring additional water supplies includes the purchase of water rights upstream, and putting the additional water to beneficial use downstream? Water-Wheeling
What corporation is the largest pollutor of the Great Salt Lake? The Magnesium Corporation of America
The four commonly found pollutants of river water are: Pathogens, metals (except mercury), nutrients, and mercury
The two marine species listed as endangered on the San Juan river are: The Colorado Pike Minnow, and the Razorback Sucker
What court case was responsible for granting major water rights to the Fort Belknap Indian tribe, living along the Milk river? Winters vs. U.S./1908
Does the EPA currently have max contaminant levels for pharmaceutical pollutants in U.S. waters? No
What U.S. city has the lowest level of CO2 emmissions? Honolulu, Hawaii
A large percentage of mercury contamination found in the Great Salt Lake comes from... The atmosphere
What percentage of groundwater wells are not registered in the state of Nebraska? 20%
What large aquifer provides groundwater for much of Nebraska? The Ogallala Aquifer
An example of successful combination of environmental issues, and national security issues is the ... Hunter's Hole Wetland Restoration Project
Las Vegas is planning on building a reservoir to capture Mexico's share of Colorado river water, how much will be spent on the reservoir? 80 million dollars
In what year is Las Vegas projected to outgrow it's water supply? 2013
Which western state does not have an in-stream flow rate law? New Mexico
The wetlands located in the lower Klamath Basin provide a migratory stop for how many birds annually? 1.5 million birds
Farmers along the San Joaquin river helped to maintain in-stream flows to support fish populations, how much did these farmers reduce their water consumption by? 19%
Who was the person that developed a classification system for streams and rivers? David Rosgen
In 2009, more than 200 water rights along the Colorado river were owned by... 6 Energy Companies
Two characteristics of an alpine lake are: Rich in oxygen, and contain little organic matter
The Coho Salmon is currently listed as a threatened species, meaning it is likely to become an endangered species within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant portion of its range. Endangered species designation will, in theory, force protection of the salmon's habitat.
To maintain your water right in many western states, you must use your water right at least... Once every 5 years
Four indian tribes in Washington will receive $900 million for new salmon projects, in exchange for halting litigation to breech 4 hydroelectric dams which are operated by... The Bonneville Power Association
Which U.S river has experienced an 11 trillion gallon reduction in flow over the past decade? The Colorado River
Which type of energy using activity produces 1.4 tons of CO2 emmissions per person annually in Portland? Transportation
Why is Aspen Colorado having difficulties reaching their goal of reducing the city's carbon emmissions? Because the city's main source of CO2 pollution is attributed to tourism, which is also the city's main source of income.
The Bureau of Reclamation went ahead with the Animus La Plata project, even though the return on investment would only be... 36 cents for every dollar spent on the project
Infiltration of water leaking from the unlined All American Canal created a 50,000 acre wetland in what country? Mexico
Created by: dannyhawbaker