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Sententiae 1-1

Latin 1 CH 1 Sententiae Book

1. Labor me vocat Work calls (beckons) me.
2. Mone me, amabo te, si erro Warn me, please, if I err (make a mistake).
3. Festina lente Hurry up (make haste) slowly.
4. Laudas me; culpant me You praise me; they blame me.
5. Saepe peccamus We often sin (do wrong).
6. Quid debemus cogitare? What ought we to think? (What should we think?)
7. Conservate me! Save me!
8. Rumor volat Rumor flies (moves quickly)
9. Me non amat He (she) does not love me
10. Nihil me terret Nothing terrifies (frightens) me
11. Apollo me saepe servat Apollo often guards (protects) me
12. Salvete!–quid videtis? Nihil videmus Hello!–what do you see? We see nothing.
13. Saepe nihil cogitas You often think (about) nothing
14. Cogito ergo sum “I think, therefore I am”
14. Bis das, si cito das You give twice if you give quickly
15. Si vales, valeo If you are well, I am well (if you're okay, I'm okay)
16. What does he see? Quid videt?
17. They are giving nothing. Nihil dant.
18. You ought not to praise me Mē nōn Laudāre Dēbēs
19. If I err, he often warns me Sī errō, mē saepe monet
20. If you love me, save me, please! Sī mē amās, servā (cōnservā) mē amābō tē!
1/4 Maecenas et Vergilius me hodie vocant Maecenas and Vergil are inviting me today
2/4 Quid cogitare debeo? Quid debeo respondere? What should I think? What (how) should I respond?
3/4 Si erro, me saepe monent et culpant; si non erro, me laudant If I err, they often advise me and blame me; if I do not err, they praise me
4/4 Quid hodie cogitare debeo? What should I think (expect) today?
Created by: Barcenas08