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Human Body Test 2

Circulatory and respiratory system

What type of blood vessel carries blood away form the heart? your pulmonary artery
What type of blood vessel carries blood to the heart? pulmonary vien
What is an alveoli? A air sac at the end of the bronchioles that exchange carbon with oxygen
What are the smallest blood vessels? vena cava
What is the function of the valve? It makes sure blood in the heart goes the right way and doesn't go the rong way.
What is the function of the integumentary system? The largest organ of your body, involves hair, skin and nails. It forms a protective layer over the body to prevent infection and disease, regulates body temperature, keeps moisture in the body and makes vitamin D.
What is the function of the circulatory system? To pump blood to parts in your body
What is the function of the respiratory system? Breathing, transfer 02 ro the circulatory system, remove C02 waste
What is the function of the muscular system? To help you move
What is the function of the skeletal system? To support your body
What kind of muscles pumps blood through the body? Your Heart
What are smooth muscles? They are organs like your stomach muscle
What does the skeletal system do for the heart? It protects it from being damaged and cuted by other objects or things
How is the muscular system related to the respiratory system? They both help blood travel through the body
What is the path of the respiratory system? down the throught,to the lungs and out through mouth or nose.
Where does the gas exchange happen in the circulatory system? In the alveoli, O2 is exchanged with CO2, cellular respiration requires O2
What does the heart do for the circulatory system? What is the heart's job? It pumps blood
What is pulmonary circulation The pathway of blood from the heart to the lungs and back to the heart again
What are the parts of the respiratory system? pherynx,epiglottis,larynx,trachea,lung,bronchioles,alveoli,diaphragm
What are the parts of the circulatory system? heart,lungs,brain and vertabrae
What is the organization of organisms? cell,organ,oran system,organism,comunnity and population
What is the hearts role in the circulatory system? To pump blood to other parts of the body
What blood vessels are found in the circulatory system? vena cava,rt artrium,rt ventriale,pulmonary artery,pulmonary vien,aorta,lt atrium,lt ventriale
Where is the alveoli? In the lungs.
What happens in the alveoli? Gas exchange
What is breathing? The process of inhaling and exhaling. This brings air from the enviroment into the body and back out again.
What controls breathing? The diaphragm.
What is CO2? A waste product of cellular respiration.
What is cellular respiration? Changes food molecule into energy your body can use.
Systemic Circulation the pathway of blood from the heart to the different organ systems and back the heart again
What belongs to pulmonary circulation? Right ventricle, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein. left atrium
What belongs to systemic circulation? Left venricle, aorta, vena cava, right atrium.
Created by: bucky1