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3rd Declension latin


gens, gentis man
mons, montis
civis, civis citizen
navis, navis ship
iuvenis, iuvenis young man
leo, leonis lion
mercator, mercatoris merchant
uxor, uxoris wife
pater, patris father
frater, fratris brother
mater, matris mother
fur, furis thief
homo, hominis man
pes, pedis foot
iudex, iudicis judge
senex, senis old man
pax, pacis peace
sntuis, sanguinis blood
urbs, urbis city
miles, militis soldier
faber, fabri craftsman
flos, floris flower
sacerdos, sacerdotis priest
rex, regis king
nox, nocis night
vox, vocis voice
mors, mortis death
vulnus, vulneris wound
iter, itineris journey
caput, capitis head
mare, maris sea
Created by: rhgoldie