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Biblical Greekisms

greek words

πορευομαι I go, deponent
βασιλεια a kingdom
εντολη a commandment
ημερα a day
νεκρος dead
εγω I
ειμι I am
ημεις we
ου you
υμεις you all
εμου of me/my
εμοι to/ for me
εμε me
συ you
σου of you/ your
σοι to/ for you
σε you (s)
υμεις you (p)
υμων of you/your
υμιν to/for you
υμας you (p)
ειμι I am
ει you are
εστι(ν) he/she/it is
εσμεν we are
εστε you are
εισι(ν) they are
αιρω I take up/ I take away
αναβαινω I go up
αποθνησκω I die
αποκτεινω I kill
αρτος a piece of bread
εσθιω I eat
κατα genitive- against
κατα accusative- according to
καταβαινω I go down
μεν… δε on one hand/ on the other hand
ουκετι no longer
παρα genitive- from
παρα dative- beside/in the presence of
παρα alongside of
παραλαμβανω I receive, I take along
συν dative- with
συναγω I gather together
τοτε then
απερχομαι I go away/ deponent
δεχομαι I receive/deponent
εκπορευομαι I go out/deponent
εργον a work
ετι still/yet
θαλασσα a lake/a sea
και and/also/even
και…και both… and
κατερχομαι I go down
ουδε and/not/nor/not even
ουδε…ουδε neither/nor
ουπω not yet
περι genitive- concerning/about
πλοιον a boat
συvερχομαι I come together/ deponent
υπερ genitive- in behalf of
υπερ above
αναβλπω I look up
αναβλψω future of αναβλπω
βησομαι I will go. Dep. future of βαινω
γενησομαι dep. I will become. Dep. Future of γινομαι
γνωσομαι I will know, dep. Future of γινωσκω
διδαξω I will teach, future of διδασκω
διωκω I pursue/persecute
διωξω I will pursue/persecute. Future of διωκω
δοξαζω I glorify
δοξασω I will glorify. Future of δοξαζω
ελευσομαι I will come/go. Dep. Future of ερχομαι
εξω I will have. Future Dep. Of εχω
κηρυσσω I proclaim/preach
κηρυξω I will proclaim/preach. Future dep. Of κηρυσσω
λημψομαι I will take/receive- λαμβανω
προσευχομαι I pray
προσευξομαι I will pray dep. Future of προσευχομαι
τυφλος a blind man
απολυω I release
εκηρυξα I preached/ proclaimed. Aorist of κηρυσσω
επιστεφω I turn/return
ετοιμαζω I prepare
ηδη already
θαυμαζω I wonder/marvel/ wonder at
θεραπευω I heal
πειθω I persuade
πιστευω I believe
υποστεφω I return
γαρ postpositive conjunction. For
εβαλον I threw I cast. 2nd aorist of βαλλω
εγενομην I became. 2nd aorist of γινομαι
ειδον I saw. 2nd aorist of βλεπω
ειπον I said. 2nd aorist of λεγω
ηγαγον I led. 2nd aorist of αγω
ηλθον I came/went. 2nd aorist of ερχομαι
ηνεγκα I bore/bought. 1st aorist of φερω
λειπω I leave
ελιπον I left. 2nd aorist of λειπω
οψομαι I will see. Future deponent of βλεπω
πιπτω I fall
επεσον I fell. 2nd aorist of πιπτω
προσφερω I bring to
αναλαμβανω I take up
εβαληθην I was thrown/ I was cast. Aorist passive of βαλλω
εγενηθην I became. Aorist passive of γινομαι
εγνωσθην I was known. Aorist passive of γινωσκω
εδιδαχθην I was taught
εκηρυχθην I was preached/ I was proclaimed. Aorist passive of κηρυσσω
ελημφθην I was taken/received. Aorist passive of λαμβανω
επορευθην I went. Aorist passive of πορευομαι
ηγερθην I was raised. Aorist passive of εγερθην
ηκουσθην I was heard. Aorist passive
ηνεχθην I was borne/ brought. Aorist passive of φερω
ηχθην I was led. Aorist passive of αγω
Created by: hcbecker
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