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Owl Pellet Test

Dissect To cut something apart and study it
Herbivore An animal that eats only plants
Carnivore An animal that eats only other animals
Omnivore An animal that eats both plants and animals
Decomposer An organism that breaks down dead plants and animals
Barn Owl The pellets you are dissecting in science come from this
How do owls eat their prey? swallow them whole
How long does it take for an owl to regurgitate a pellet after it has eaten its prey? 12-18 hours
Facial disk The special satellite-shaped feathers on an owl's face
prey An animal that is hunted and eatn by antoher animal
adaptation a characteristic or an organism that makes it especially well-suited to its environment
beak the bill of a bird
Ecosystem everything that surrounds an organism and influences it
food chain a simple sequence of organisms that eat each other
food web a combination of interlinked food chains in an ecosystem
hip (pelvis) the structure of the vertebrate skeleton which rests on the lower limbs, supporting the spinal column
insectivore an animal that eats insects
jaw (mandible) either of the two bony structures forming the framework of the mouth and holding the teeth
nocturnal active at night
organism a living thing
owl pellet the undigestible remains of small animals (fur, feathers, bones) that are eaten and then regurgitated by owls
population the total number of something in a given area
predator an animal that survives by hunting, killing, and eating other animals
prey an animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal
rodent a mammal, such as a rat or mouse, having large incisors used for gnawing
Why can't owls move their eyes? owls have many rods in their eye, leaving no room for muscles
Why do owls see in only black and white? They have no cones
shoulder blade (scapula) a pari or large, flat, triangular bones which form the back of the shoulder
shrew a small mouse-like mammal, having a narrow, pointed snout
skull the bony part of the skeleton which protects the brain
talon a long, curved claw found on birds or animals
trophic pyramid a diagram representing the transfer of energy from autotrophs at the base through succeeding levels of herbivores, carnivores, and decomposers
vertebrae the bony cartilaginous segments making up the spinal column
vole any various small rodent closely related to lemmings and muskrats but in general resembling stocky rats or mice
When do owls hunt, kill and eat their prey? at night
What strategies do prey animals use for survival? running and camouflage
Name 4 adaptations of the owl talons, vision, hearing, wings
How are the owl's talons used as an adaptation? they pick up and kill prey
How is the owl's vision used as an adaptation? they can see at night
How is the owl's hearing used as an adaptation? they can hear very quiet noises from far away
How are the owl's wings used as an adaptation? they have a silent flight which is good for sneaking up on prey
How could the owl population decrease over time? If the animals that the owls eat decrease, their food supply would then decrease.
What organisms compete to eat the earthworm? song bird and mole
What does a weasel eat? a shrew, vole, deer mouse, and mole
A plant is a ____________ producer
A vole is a ____________ herbivore
A song bird is an _______________ omnivore
Created by: Adamsthornell