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Minimus 2

Lesson 1

clamorem noise
pompa parade
praefectus commander
agitati excited
laeti happy
omnes all, everyone
praecipuus special
ecce look
euge hooray
vale goodbye
cur why
appropinquat it approaches
audiunt they hear
equitat he rides
incedunt they march
subito suddenly
tum then
alii...alii... some...others...
ita vero yes
rem explicat explains the situation
sum I am
ancillae slave girls
laridum lard
ligna logs
rogum bonfire
silices flints
silvam forest
tabulas writing tablets
ardet it burns
colligite collect
currunt they run
facimus we are doing
fundunt they are pouring
iactant they throw
nescio I don't know
terunt they rub
truncant they cut
hox this
calidum hot
bellum war
dea goddess
imperator emperor
iter journey
mare sea
pontem bridge
quid what
quis who
ubi where
bellum gerit he is fighting a war
aedificant they build
Created by: littleskier4ever