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Latin Ecce II 43

Ecce Romani Vocabulary for Chapter 43

balneae, -arum, f. pl. baths
palestra, -ae, f. exercise ground
thermae, -arum, f. pl public baths
apodyterium, -i, n. changing room (at the baths)
caldarium, -i, n. hot room (at the baths)
digitus, -i, m. finger
frigidarium, -i, n. cold room (at the baths)
harpastum, -i, n. heavy handball
linteum, -i, n. towel
palus, -i, m. post
tempidarium, -i, n. warm room (at the baths)
unguentum, -i, n. ointment, perfume, oil
vestibulum, -i, n. entrance passage
calor, caloris, m. heat
follis, follis, gen pl., follium, m. bag
senex, senis, m. old man
strigilis, strigilis, gen. pl., strigilium, f. strigil, scraper
trigon, trigonis, m. ball game involving 3 people, ball (used in the game)
vapor, vaporis, m. steam
calvus, -a, -um bald
capillatus, -a, -um with long hair
indutus, -a, -um clothed
Neroneus, -a, -um of Nero
ridiculus, -a, -um absurd, laughable
varius, -a, -um different, various, varied, many-hued
haud not
quo there, to that place
contra + acc against
concrepo, concrepare, concrepui to snap (the fingers)
defrico, defricare, defricui, defrictus to rub down
luctor, -ari, -atus sum to wrestle
exerceo, -ere, -ui, -itus to exercise, train
tergeo, tergere, tersi, tersus to dry, wipe
cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi, cognitus to find out, learn
repeto, repetere, repetivi, repetius to pick up, recover
unguo, unguere, unxi, unctus to anoint, smear with oil
convenio, convenire, conveni, conventurus to come together, meet, assemble
Campus Martius, -i, m. the Plain of Mars on the outskirts of Rome
pecunia data his money having been given, after paying his entrance fee
Thermae Neroneae, -arum, f. pl. the Baths of Nero
vino sumpto wine having been taken, after a drink of wine
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