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Pchem Test 2

Phase A state of matter that is uniform throughout, not only in chemical composition but also in physical state
Constituent A chemical species (ion or molecule)
Component A chemically independent constituent of a system
Variance F; degree of freedom The number of intensive variables that can be changed independently without disturbing the number of pases in equilibrium
Phase rule F=C-P+2
Thermal analysis A technique for detecting phase transitions that takes advantage of the effect of the enthalpy change during a first-order transition
Vapor pressure of an ideal solution p=p*b + (p*a -p*b) X xa
Composition of the vapor ya= xa X p*a / [p*b + (p*a - p*b) X xa] yb=1-ya
Total vapor pressure of a mixture p=p*a X p*b / [p*a + (p*b - p*a) X ya]
Isopleth A line of constant composition in a phase diagram
Tie line A line joining two points representing phases in equilibrium
Lever rule Allows for the calculation of the relative amounts of two phases in equilibrium (n[alpha]l[alpha]=n[beta]l[beta]
Temperature-composition diagram A phase diagram in which the boundaries show the composition of the phases that are in equilibrium at various temperatures
Azeotrope A mixture that boils without change of composition
Partially miscible liquids Liquids that do not mix in all proportions at all temperatures
Upper critical solution temperature The highest temperature at which phase separation occurs in a binary liquid mixture
Lower critical solution temperature The temperature below which the components of a binary mixture mix in all proportions and above which they form two phases
Eutectic The mixture with the lowest melting point; a liquid with the eutectic composition freezes at a single temperature
Eutectic Halt A delay in the cooling while the eutectic freezes
Incongruent melting Occurs when a compound melts into its components and does not itself form a liquid phase
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