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phyical and chemical

A chemical change is the change something is change chemically
A physical change is a change in __________ of matter state
List the physical properties of water wet, clear, can change
An example of chemical property is rusted nail
The Statue of Libery turning gren is an example of a ___________ change chemical
Water changing from a liquid to a solid is an example of a _____________ change. physical
Pennies Corroding C
Paper Tearing P
Burning Fossil Fuels C
Glass Breaking P
Mixing Chalk and Vinegar C
Dry Ice interactin with the air P- sublimation
Slice of Apple interacting with the air C
Ice in room temperature air P
Steel wool interacting with vinegar C
Candle Burning C- wick wax P
Iron rusting C
Alka Seltzer interacting with Vinegar C
What is Oxidation A chemical reachen to oxygen
What is sublimation when something go directly to a gas state
State solid Example ice
State liquid example water
State gas example oxgen
State plazma example plazma tv
Atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons True
During a physical change, a new substance is formed False
Liquid changing into gas is condensation True
Burning an object is a type of chemical change True
Gas changing into liquid is precipitation True
Heat being created is evidence of a physical change False
Molecules are made of 2 or more atoms bonded together True
Digestion is a type of physical change False
In a chemical change something brand new is created True
Explain how a chemical change and a physical change are different. Give examples of each in your explanation Chemical change is different because it is changed chemically
Created by: jazzbritt