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Howard - Geography

Howard - Georgia's Geography

Geography the science of studying the earth as the home of humans
Wetland a low lying area where water lies close to the surface creating sloughs, swamps, bogs, ponds, and freshwater marshes
Barrier Islands islands that protect the beaches by blocking much of the wind, sands, and water that could errode the mainland
Fall Line the point at which hilly or mountainous land meets the coastal plains (drop in elevations)
Climate refers to a type of weather a region experiences over a long period of time
Weather refers to the day-to-day conditions and changes in the atmosphere
Drought a lack of precipitation over a period of time that results in water shortages
Trade Winds Winds from the equator to around 30 degrees north latitude that flow from the northeast and southeast
Ocean Currents The water in these oceans are constantly moving, and some of this movement forms rivers in the ocean
Flora plant life such as flowers and trees
Fauna animals life such as reptiles, birds and sea life
Saltwater marshes a saltwater wetland occuring along the atlantic coastline
Tide a rise or fall of the sea level caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon
Freshwater sloughs small ponds, freshwater marshes and swamps
Estuaries bodies of water where freshwater rivers and salt water mix
Watershed an area that catches rain and snow which then drains water areas
Reservoirs a holding tank for surface water
Aquifers an underground natural water storage tank
Created by: angie.howard