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Chapter 6: MC

Multiple Choice.

Demography is the what? Science of Human populations.
The enumeration of a population is called? A census.
The Constitution requires an actual enumeration of the population every? Ten years.
The third great wave of immigration, after World War II, consisted primarily of? Hispanics and Asians.
The American "melting pot" refers to the mix of? Cultures, ideas, and people.
The largest minority group in the United States today is? Hispanics.
The Simpson-Mazzoli Act does what? Requires documentation of the citizenship of all employees.
The most highly skilled immigrants group in American history is? Asian Americans.
Over the last fifty years, much of America's population growth has been concentrated in? The west and south.
Reapportionment can lead to? Power shifts among the states.
The biggest reapportionment winner in the most recent census has been? California.
The fastest-growing age group in America is composed of citizens over what age? The age of sixty-five.
According to many observers, the "new parents" are? The mass media.
One of the most obvious intrusions of the government into the Americans' socialization is? Schools.
As people grow older? Political participation rises steadily.
The public opinion poll was perfected by? George Gallup
The key to the accuracy of opinion polls is the? The technique of random sampling.
Most polling today is done through? Random-digit dialing.
Thomas Jefferson believed that? A majority of people will exercise good sense.
Who said, "Your people, Sir, are a great beast"? Alexander Hamilton.
One thing that public opinion polls have shown is that the? Level of public knowledge about politics is dismally low.
Public opinion polls have shown that the majority of Americans? Recognize commercial slogans better than the names of political figures.
A liberal ideology favors? A strong central government.
Researchers in the 1950's found that the largest share of the electorate consisted of? Group-benefit voters.
Political participation? Is aimed at influencing the selection of political leaders and the policies they pursue.
Income and education being equal, African Americans and Hispanics participate in politics? More than whites.
For most of the population, questions about the scope of government? Elicit no or little opinion.
When is comes to political participation, the common denominator among political activists is? Voting.
The conscious decision to break a law believed to be immoral and suffer the consequences is called? Civil disobedience.
When identical methods were used to update the analysis of the 1956 study "The American Voter" in 1988, researchers found? Just six percent more ideologues in 1988 than in 1956.
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