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Bridge History

Various points in bridge history, including famous failures.

What is the name of the aqueduct in southern France that was built by the Romans in the first century? The Pont du Gard aqueduct.
What is one of the most expensive railroad bridges to date (built by the Erie Railroad), that is still in use today? Starrucca Viaduct
What is the name of the stone arch bridge that crosses the Otava River in the Czech Republic that was built in the 13th century? Pisek Stone Bridge
What is the name of the now pedestrian bridge that connects Minneapolis to St. Paul, MN and was built in the 1880s? James J. Hill Stone Arch Bridge
Who designed the Bowstring Arch Bridge to cross the Erie Canal? Squire Whipple
Name 3 famous suspension bridges designed by John Roebling. 1. Brooklyn Bridge 2. Cincinnati Suspension Bridge 3. Niagara River Bridge
List four significant engineering achievements of the Eads Bridge over the Mississippi at St. Louis. 1. The bridge had very deep pneumatic caissons for the foundation 2. The design included the early use of steel. 3. The huge arches are graceful and beautiful. 4. The arches were built by using the cantilever construction methods.
In what ways do integral abutment and jointless bridge designs reduce maintenance costs? How are movements due to temperature changes accommodated in these bridges? 1. Jointless bridges reduced maintenance costs by not having a joint 2. water and contaminants from the roadway do not reach the abutments, and less deterioration takes place. 3. Movements due to temperature changes are accommodated by the approach slab
Where is the point of zero movement in a bridge, and explain what is happening. The point of zero movement is at the center of the bridge. Temperature changes cause a bridge to expand and contract. All deflections due to this movement occur move out from the point of zero movement.
How can continuity maximize the slenderness ratio, L/d. A continuous bridge causes +ve and -ve moments to decrease. If less movement capacity is required, then the depth of the x-sec can be reduced.
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