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Venatio II

Cambridge Latin Course STage 19 Venatio Part Two

tum Phormio nos ad ripam fluminis duxit, ubi scaphae, quas comparaverat, deligatae erant. Then Phormio led us to the bank of the river, where the boats, which he had obtained, were tied up.
postquam scaphas conscendimus, ad paludem, in qua crocidili latebant, caute navigavimus. After we boarded the boats, we sailed cautiously to the swamp, in which crocodiles were lying-hidden.
ubi mediae paludi approprinquabamus, Barbillus Phormium signum dedit. When we were approaching the middle of the swamp, Barbillus gave Phormio a signal.
haedos Phormio in aquam iniecit. Phormio threw the goats into the water.
crocodili, ubi haedos conspexerunt, praecipites eos petebant. The crocodiles, when they caught sight of the goats, attacked them headlong.
tum Aethiopes crocodilos agitare coeperunt. Then the Ethiopians began to chase the crocodiles.
hastas emittebant et crocodilos interficiebant.magna erat fortitudo crocodilorum, maior tamen peritia Aethiopum. They threw their spears and killed the crocodiles. Great was the courage of the crocodiles, greater, however, was the skill of the Ethiopians.
mox multi crocodili mortui erant. Soon many crocodiles were dead.
subito ingentem clamorem audivimus. Suddenly we heard a huge uproar.
'dominus!' clamavit Phormio. “Master!” shouted Phormio.
'Hippopotamus, quem Aethiopes e paulde excotaverunt, scapham Barbilli evertit. “A hippopotamus, which the Ethiopians aroused from the swamp, overturned a boat of Barbillus.
Barbillum et tres servos in aquam deiecit.' It threw Barbillus and three slaves into the water.”
quamquam ad Barbillum et ad servos, qui in aqua natabant, celeriter navigavimus, crocodili iam eos circumvenerant. Although we sailed quickly to Barbillus and the slaves, who were swimming in the water, the crocodiles had now surrounded them.
hastas in crocodios statim emisimus. We threw spears into the crocodiles at once.
ubi crocodilos depulimus, Barbillum et unum servus servare potuimus. When we drove off the crocodiles, we were able to save Barbillus and one slave.
sed postquam Barbillum ex aqua traximus, eum invenimus vulneratum. But after we dragged Barbillus out of the water, we found him injured.
hasta, quam servus emiserat, umerum Barbilli percusserat. A spear, which a slave had thrown, had hit the shoulder of Barbillus.
Barbillus a servo suo graviter vulneratus erat. Barbillus had been gravely wounded by his own slave.
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