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Chinese Chapter 4

Chinese Vocabulary

怎麼了? zen3 me le What's wrong?
tou2 head
眼睛 yan3 jing eye
鼻子 bi2 zi nose
耳朵 er3 duo ear
喉嚨 hou2 long1 throat
shou3 hand
wei4 stomach
肚子 du4 zi stomach
tui3 leg
jiao3 foot
tong4 pain
...得厲害 li4 hai severe
發燒 fa1 shao1 have a temperature
發高燒 fa1 gao1 shao1 have a fever
咳嗽 ke2 sou4 cough
感冒 gan3 mao4 have a cold
拉肚子 la1 du4 zi3 diarrhea
難受 nan2 shou4
摔倒 shuai1 dao3 fall down
受傷 shou4 shang1 get hurt
扭傷 niu3 shang1 sprain
骨頭 gu3 tou2 bone
duan4 break
幸虧 xing4 kui1 fortunately
醫院 yi1 yuan4 hospital
門診 men2 zhen3 outpatient service
急診 ji2 zhen3 emergency treatment
內科 nei4 ke1 internal medicine
外科 wai4 ke1 surgical department
小兒科 xiao3 er2 ke1 pediatrics
掛號處 gua4 hao4 chu4 registration (at a hospital)
收費處 shou1 fei4 chu4 cashier
藥房 yao4 fang2 pharmacy
化驗 hua4 yan4 laboratory test
照X光 zhao4 X guang1 take an x-ray
股藥 fu2 yao4 take medication
一天兩次 yi1 tian1 liang3 ci4 twice a day
每次一片 mei3 ci4 yi2 pian4 one each time
飯後服用 fan4 hou4 fu2 yong4 take after meals
打針 da3 zhen1 have an injection
隔天 ge2 tian1 every other day
休息 xiu1 xi1 rest
需要 xu1 yao4 need
最好不要 zui4 hao3 bu2 yao4 ... had better not...
非得...不可 fei1 dei3... bu4 ke3 have to, must
否則 fou3 ze2 otherwise
Created by: kingly893
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