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Latin Vocab. p36

bellum, belli, n. war
bellum gero wage war, campain
bene well
bonus, bona, bonum good
brevis, breve short, breif
caelum, caeli, n. sky, heaven
capio, capere, cepi, captus take, catch, capture
caput, capitis, n. head
carus, cara, carum dear
castra, castrorum, n. pl. camp
celer, celeris, celere quick, fast
celo, celare, celavi, celatus hide
cena, cenae, f. dinner, meal
centum a hundred
ceteri, ceterae, cetera the rest, the others
cibus, cibi, m. food
circum + acc around
civis, civis, m.f. citizen
clamo, clamare, clamavi, clamatus shout
clamor, clamoris, m. shout, shouting, noise
coepi, coepisse, coeptus begin (past tenses only)
cogito, cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatus get to know, find out
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactus force, compel
comes, comitis, m.f. comrade, companion
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectus finish; wear out, exhaust
conor, conari, conatus sum try
consilium, consilii, n. plan, idea, advice
conspicio, conspicere, conspexi, conspectus catch sight of, notice
constituo, constituere, constitui, constitutus decide
consumo, consumere, consumpsi, consumptus eat
convenio, convenire, conveni come together, gather, meet
corpus, corporis, n. body
credo, credere credidi, creditus, + dative believe, trust, have faith in
crudelis, crudele cruel
cum when
cum + ablative with
Created by: r.conci