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Book 1 Vocab Quiz 1

Latin 4H/5AP

cano, canere to sing (of)
os, oris shore
profugus, a, um exile
litus, litoris shore
iacio, iacere to toss, throw
vis, vis force, strength
superi the gods (above)
saevus, a, um cruel, savage
ob on account of/because of
patior, pati, passus to suffer, endure
condo, condere to found, establish
genus, generis race (of people)
unde from which/where
moenia, arum walls, fortifications
memoro, memorare to relate, tell, remember
numen, numinis divine power
laedo, laedere to hurt, offend
volvo, volvere to undergo, roll
casus, us misfortune
insignis, is, e distinguished, marked
pietas, pietatis devotion (to country, religion, family)
tot so many
impello, impellere to drive, force
tantus, a, um so great
animus, I mind, spirit
caelestis, is, e divine, heavenly
contra opposite, facing
longe far off, at a distance
ostium, i mouth, entrance
dives, divitis rich, wealthy
ops, opis help, resources, power, wealth
studium, i zeal, desire, pursuit
asper, aspera, asperum harsh, rough, fierce
posthabeo, posthabere to place after, esteem less
colo, colere to cultivate, dwell (in), honor, cherish
currus, currus chariot
sino, sinere to permit, allow
tendo, tendere to intend
foveo, fovere to cherish
progenies, ei offspring, race
olim at some time, once
Created by: hflmagistra