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vocab words 123

Group 4 Words

acquit discharge, relieve from an accusation
complex hard to understand, varied
consign give, transfer or deliver
effrontery shameless, boldness, gall
excruciating causing great pain or anguish
forbearance act of forebearing (refraining)
hamper interfere with, hinder
nettlesome literally, full of nettles
oblivious forgetful, unmindful
prodigious extraordinary in amount or size
rejuvenate make young or youthful again
residue left over, remainder
salutary favorable to health, healthful
scrutinize examine very closely, inspect
supersede force out of use, displace, replace
sweltering oppressively hot, torrid
unruffled not upset or agitated
withdraw take back, remove
zany clownish, crazy, loony
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