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lucas vocab


Dank unpleasently dam or wet
Fetid Having a foul offensive smell
sordid dirty, squalid, or vile
predatory characterized by plundering or preying
Formidable causing fear of dread
invidious giving offense of causing i'll will or hatred
odious hateful, or offensive
heinous hateful, atrocious or very wicked
perverse stubbornly contrary, erring of deviation from what is considered right
smut soot matter that blackens or soils things
botch to spoil of bungle of to repair or patch badly
decadence deterioration of decline
cataclysm a great flood a natural catastrophe
dross any waste matter or refuse or to scam
dregs the waste material at the bottom of the vessel after the liquid has be drained (like wine dregs)
offal garbage waste of a butchered animal
pernicious causing great injury destruction deadly or fatal
bestial brutal savage coarse or like a beast in behavior
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