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Unit 3

Careers in health

It is contagious enthusiasm and negativism
All health care workers should present an appearance that inspires confidence and a positive self-image.
Prevents fatigue and puts less stress on muscles. Good posture
For some health occupations ______ would be appropriate uniforms Jeans
What uniform styles should be avoided. Extreme styles
Most health care facilities require personnel to wear: name badges or photo identification tags at all times.
What may interfere with the use of gloves while performing procedures. long nails
What can cause injury to the patient and transmit germs or pathogens. Jewelry
Requires learning new techniques or procedures. Change
Being able to identify with and understand another person’s feelings, situation, and motives empathy
The ability to be tolerant, be understanding, and control your temper indicates ____. patience
Enjoying your work and displaying a positive attitude displays ____. enthusiasm
Having the ability to say or do the kindest or most fitting thing in a difficult situation shows tact
Being willing to be held accountable for your actions is ____. responsibility
The ability to begin or follow through with a task and to determine things that need to be done indicates ____. self-motivation
Using good judgment in what you say and do and making sure that the patient’s rights are not violated demonstrates ____. discretion
Being qualified and capable of performing a task while striving for accuracy in all you do shows: competence
Showing truthfulness and integrity and being willing to admit mistakes so they can be corrected is ____. honesty
Being prompt when reporting to work, avoiding absences, and completing assigned tasks on time demonstrates ____. dependability
Learning to work well with others demonstrates ____. team player
A leader who sets minimal rules and allows individuals in a group to function in an independent manner is a/an ____. laissez-faire leader
A physical change that occurs when a stressor causes the body to go into an alarm or warning mode is ____. pupils in the eyes dilating to improve vision
An example of a disease that is probably not caused by stress is ____. diabetes mellitus
To establish effective short- and long-term goals state goals in a ____. positive manner and try to avoid negative goals
Diet; rest; exercise; good posture; avoid use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs factors that contribute to good health.
Ways to control body odor. daily shower/bath, deodorant, oral hygiene, clean undergarments/clothing
What color undergarments should be worn with a white uniform? white or neutral
Clean, neat, styled attractively, no extreme styles, easy to care for, pinned back and kept off the collar basic rules that apply to the hair in order to maintain a professional appearance.
How does a health care worker determine which type of or color uniform is required? check agency policy
Stop what you are doing, breathe slowly and deeply, reflect or think about the problem, choose how you want to deal with the stress Methods that are used to gain control of and manage stressors.
Live a healthy life, take breaks, take a warm bath, listen to music, shut your eyes and concentrate on relaxing each tense muscle, talk with a friend, meditate, use imagery to relax, find a leisure activity or hobby, renew yourself and learn new skills techniques that can be used to manage stress.
May take days, weeks, or months to accomplish Short term goals
May take a period of years or even a lifetime to accomplish Long term goals
All health care workers should present an appearance that inspires confidence and portrays a positive self image
What can be appropriate uniforms for some health occupations? jeans
What uniforms may be required in the workplace/ Uniforms of a specific color
What types of hairstyles should be avoided Extreme hairstyles
By working together what can accomplish goals much faster than an individual? a team
In the communication process, the message is information, ideas, or thoughts
Every patient is entitled to: confidential care
What types of earrings should be avoided in health care settings? hoops or dangling earrings
What types of tattoos are prohibited in many health care facilities? visible
Many people will not admit that they do not: understand medical terms
What skills require constant practice? good listening skills
What type of behavior may contradict what a speaker is saying? nonverbal
What often causes psychological barriers to communication? prejudice, attitudes, and personality
What improves communication and continuity of care? teamwork
In a group, any member who makes acontribution to an idea can be considered a leader
Everyone experiences a certain degree of _______ on a daily basis. stress
What helps with time management and can reduce stress? delegating tasks
What type of list is an important part of any time management plan? "to do list"
Learning to cooperate and function well with others demonstrates: teamwork
Which of the following factors does not interfere with the communication process? 1. interruptions or distractions, 2. medical terminology, 3. properly working hearing aid, 4. soft, muted voice properly working hearing aids
Which of the following is not an example of a communication barrier? 1. physical disability, 2. phychological disability, 3. minor or child status, 4. cultural diversity minor or child status
An examply of a psychological barrier to communication is: 1. aphasia or a speech impairment, 2. the belief that illness is a punishment from God, 3. a negative attitude and constant complaints, 4. a foreign language a negative attitude and constant complaints
An example of a subjective observation is: a. Mr. Mendez says he is very warm b. Mr. Mendez has a temp of 102F, 3. Mr Mendez's skin is red and flushed, 4. Mr. Mendez is drinking large amounts of water Mr. Mendez says he is very warm
Using caller ID is part of which step in an effective time management plan? a. avoid distractions, b. schedule tasks, 3. identify preferences, 4. plan your work avoid distractions
Factors that contribute s to good health: diet, rest, exercise, good posture, avoiding use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs
Basic rules that apply to your hair when maintaining a professional appearance; clean, neat, no extreme styles, pinned back and kept off the collar
Ways to control body odor: daily shower/bath, deodorant, oral hygiene, clean undergarments/clothing
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