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Digestion unit vocab for science club

A small organ that lies below the stomach that releases digestive juices. pancreas
The system responsible for the provision of oxygen for the cells and the removal of carbon dioxide. Like a bicycle pump. respiratory system
Juice produced in the stomach that contains mucus, pepsin, and hydrochoric acid. gastric juices
Food not used by the body solidifies and is stored in this prgan until elimination. rectum
The flap of tissue that prevents food from entering the wind-pipe. epliglottis
The systen of the body that involves the concentration and removal of liquid wastes. Like a sink drain! urinary system
The system of the body responsible for the movement of body parts. Like Arnold Schwartzeneggar! muscular system
This organ stores bile which is released into the small intestine through a small tube. gallbladder
An emzyme that breaks down fats and oils. lipase
Fingerlike projections on the lining of the small intestine that cause the absorption of food to the blood stream. villi
The system that controls bodily functions and activities. Like a computer. nervous system
The system of the body that transports nutrients, wastes, respiratory gases and other materials. Like a superhighway! circulatory system
The process by which large food molecules are broken down chemically into small molecules. chemical digestion
wavelike movement that moves food through the digestive tract. perilstalsis
The LARGE INTESTINE where water and minerals are absorbed into the bllod stream colon
The system that supports and protects the body. Like the foundation of your house. skeletal system
The tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. esophagus
The liver makes this and it is stored in the gallbladder. It is a green liquid that breaks down fats and oils. bile
A fingerlike projection in the bend in the first part of the large intestine. It makes antibodies (that fight infections) and secretes mucus. appendix
Liquid in the mouth that contains enzymes that help digestion. saliva
The system responsible for the processing foods into forms the body can use. This process allows the food to be absorbed through the wall of the intestine into the bloodstream and then into the cells. Like a garbage disposal! digestive system
The J shaped bag-like organ that stores and breaks down food. stomach
A long colied tube about 21 feet long where the food moves through by peristalsis. small intestine
The process by which large pieces of food are cut and crushed into smaller pieces. mechanical digestion
THE LARGEST ORGAN IN THE BODY- produces bile which breaks down into fat. liver
Created by: jesuschick13