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Mktg 3445

ch. 6

dummy table a table with no entries used to show how the result of the analysis will be presented
cross-sectional study investigation involving a sample of elements selected from the population of interest that are measured at a single point in time
longitudinal study investigation involving a fixed sample of elements that is measured repeatedly through time
continuous panel a fixed sample of respondents who are measured repeatedly over time with respect to the same variable
discontinuous panel a fixed of respondents who are measured repeatedly over time but on variables that change from measurement to measurement
sample survey cross-sectional study in which the sample is selected to be representative of the target population and which the emphasis is on the generation of summary statistics
experiment scientific investigation in which an investigator manipulates and controls one or more independent variables and observes the degree to which the dependent variables changes
laboratory experiment research investigation in which investigators create a situation with exact conditions to control some variable and manipulate others
internal validity the degree to which an outcome can be attributed to an experimental variable and not other factors
field experiment research study in a realistic situation which one or more independent variables are manipulated by the experimenter
external validity refers to the extent to which the results of an experiment can be generalized, or extended, to other situation
marketing testing a controlled experiment done in a limited but carefully selected sector of the marketplace
standard test market a test market in which the company sells the product through its normal distribution channels
controlled test market an entire test program conducted by an outside service in a market in which it can guarantee distribution
simulated test market customers ratings are obtained along with likely or actual purchase data often obtained in a simulated store environment
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