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Astronomy - Ch. 3

A Family of Planets Cody 6th gr.

Astromical Unit. The average distance between the Earth and the sun,or approximately 93 million miles.
Retrograde Rotation. The clockwise spin of a planet or moon as seen from above the planet's or moon's north pole.
Gas Giants. The large,gaseous planets of the outer solar system.
Prograde Rotation. The counterclockwise spin of a planet or moon as seen from above the planet's north pole.
Terrestrial Planets. The small,dense, rocky planets of the inner solar system
Name the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune
Name the Rocky or Terrestrial Planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.
What does Mercury's surface look like? Our moon.
What is another name for the Rocky Planets? Terrestrial Planets or Inner Planets.
What does Terrestrial mean? Earth
Why does Mercury's surface look like our moon? It was bombarded by meteroites long ago.
What does Mercury lack? It lacks an atmosphere.
Why does Mercury lack an atmosphere? It's gravity is too weak to hold one.
What kind of atmosphere does Venus have? It has a thick atmosphere.
Why does Venus' atmosphere do? It traps heat.
Why does Venus' atmosphere trap heat? Because of the Greenhouse effect.
On Venus and Uranus, the sun rises in which direction? The sun rises in the west because they rotate opposite from the Earth.
Which two planets is Earth between? Venus and Mars
The Earth's crust is cracked into what? Plates that move.
What is the tallest Volcano in the Solar System? Olympus Mons
How would you compare Olympus Mons to Mount Everest? It is three times taller.
Which planet is the only one on which an unmanned spacecraft has successfully landed and explored? Mars.
Which planet takes the longest to revolve around the sun? Pluto
Which planet takes the shortest amount of time to revolve around the sun? Mercury
Which planet is the hottest planet? Venus (464 degrees Celsius)
How does the greenhouse effect work? It is when heat is trapped in the planet's atmosphere.
Do Venus and Earth rotate on their axes the same way? NO. Earth spins counterclockwise and Venus spins clockwise.
Venus' clouds are made up of what substance? Sulfuric Acid
What color is Mars? Red
What was the name of the first artificial satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957? Sputnik 1
What is the two ways of measuring distance in space? Astronomical Units and Light minutes/light hours/light years.
How fast does light travel? 186,000 miles in one second.
How many times around the earth can light travel in one second? almost 8 times around the earth.
What is a light minute? How far light travels in a minute. (11 million miles per minute)
How long does it take light from the sun to reach the earth? 8.3 minutes.
Distances within the solar system are measured how? Light minutes and light hours.
Distances between stars are measured how? Light years.
How are the innner planets different from the outer planets? They are spaced close together and they are all small, dense and rocky.
Why is a day on Mercury longer than an earth day? Mercury spins slower than Earth. It takes 59 days on Earth for Mercury to spin once.
How long is a Mercury year. 88 Earth Days.
How is Venus different from Earth. Retrograde Rotation. Venus rotates clockwise and Earth rotates counterclockwise.
Venus' atmosphere is made up of mostly what substance? Carbon Dioxide.
What is key on Earth for the development of life? Liquid Water
What is the name of NASA's program to study Earth from space? Earth Science Enterprise
Which planet is the most studied the solar system, besides Earth? Mars
Why is Mars a very cold planet? It has a thin atmosphere and it is far from the sun.
What would happen to water because of the low atmospheric pressure on Mars? It would quickly boil away.
The only water on Mars is in what form? Ice
Why do scientists believe that Mars once had liquid water? There appears to be dry river beds.
Mars has how many volcano systems 2
Where is the largest mountain in the solar system (Mons Olympus)? Mars
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