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Cody R

Cody R ch3 vocabulary

root that begins growth from the stem or leaf of a plant advantageous root
floweringplants that seed protected bya fruit or pod angiosperms
plant that completes its life cycle in one year or growing season annual
part of a flower that produces pollen anther
hormone that prevents lateral buds apical domanance
the primary growing point in the termanl bud apical meristem
plant that lives 2 years biennial
plants with wide flat leaves broadleaf plant
plant part contains little leaves and stems buds
protect little plant parts bud scales
flower seepels calyx
aria where plant growth happenes cambiam
4 part flower complete flower
petiole and 2 blades compound leaf
cells prevent water loss cuticle
loses leaves in fall decideous
a class of flowering plants soy beans cicots
male and female seprate plants dioecious
protective cells epidermis
never loses leaves evergreen
lots of little roots fiber root system
holds anther in flower filament
reproductive plant part flower
regulate stoma guard cells
non protected seeds gymnosperms
cold weather plants hardy
soft stems thatare killed by frost herbaceous
flower that lacks stem or pistil imperfict flower
flower that dont have 4 parts incomplete flower
buds that are on the side of stems lateral bud
broad part of leaf leaf blade
2 or more leaf blades leaflet
plant organs that make plant food leaves
time required for a plant to grow from begining to death life cycle
tissue in the middle layer the leaf that cunducts photosynthis mesophyll
he she plants monecious
a class of flowering includes lillys grasses corn and palms monocot
plants with needle or scale shaped leaves narrowleaf plant
female plant part overy
layer of cells below the upper layer of the epidermis a leaf paliside layer
life is greater than 2 years perenials
flower with both stamen and pistil perfict flower
colerful parts of flowers petel
connects structer between leaf blade and plant stem petiole
tissue that transports food phloem
female flower part has stigma style and overy pistil
first plant root primary root
specialized cells the tip tis of the root root cap
Created by: lcjvs_lgm