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Science Planets quiz

Mercury 1. How long is Mercury’s day length compared to its orbit in earth days? What does this mean about its day and year? Its orbit is 88 earth days, and its day length is 59 earth days, however, it takes 176 earth days for the sun to end up in the same place. but it actually does a full rotation in 59 earth days. The day is much longer compared to the Earth day compared to
Mercury Describe the Mercury orbit graph on the information page. What do you notice? It’s a circle with a lopsided side which shows that one part of its orbit it is closer to the sun. It has the highest eccentricity which means the highest deviation from its path
What is Mercury’s magnetic field compared to earth? The magnetic field is 1% of earths magnetic field. Which means that the Earth has a higher magnetic field
What composes most of the atmosphere of Venus? Carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfuric acid
Is Venus hot, warm, or cold and why? It is hot because of the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
What is the core of Venus made up of? It has an iron core and strong crust
Has any man made craft landed on Venus? No because of the layer of acid and temperature chemicals would destroy any man made craft no matter what material, and would make them impossible to land.
How many years ago did Earth form? 4.54 billion years ago
How many plate tectonics does Earth have? 15 plate tectonics,
What is the Earth’s core made out of? A solid iron inner core, a liquid outer core that creates a magnetic field
Why is the “ozone” important to Earth? What does it do? The ozone blocks most of the harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching Earth’s surface,
Why can Earth sustain life? Because it has oxygen, water and is in the life zone of the sun
Describe the moon’s orbit. Why do we always see the same side? One side of the moon is more dense than the other side which makes it more attracted to the Earth, so its rotation is the same as its orbit.
Who was the first person to walk on the moon? When did he do that? Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969
Why does the moon seem to change color? The different ways the light hits the moon changes the way we see it on earth.
Phobos What is the crust/interior made of? What are the chemical compositions? The crust and interior are made of water, rock and iron. The interior could possibly be hollow. The chemical makeup of Phobos is water and carbon rich rock.
How did Phobos come to be Mars’s moon? Phobos is most likely to originate from an asteroid, and it was thought that it became caught in Mars’ orbit.
Phobos How long is one day and what is special about the orbit and size... Phobos orbits mars. The orbit (year) and rotation (day) both take 7 hours and 40 minutes. Most moons orbit in a perfect circle whereas Phobos does not.
What is Mars’ crust and core made of? Its core is made of iron, nickel, and sulfur. The core is probably solid, and most likely the crust is made of basalt.
What is the composition of the Mars’ atmosphere? Mostly carbon dioxide but it does have 2% of nitrogen.
What spacecrafts have landed on Mars and what did they discover? The Mars Rover found an iron meteorite made of nickel and iron, found traces of water, they got more info on the interior of the rocks, and they took the 1st color image of mars.
Approximately how many asteroids are there in the Asteroid Belt?
 About 98.5% of the worlds known asteroids
Asteroid Belt Why didn’t this material coalesce into a planet?
 It started to but there were too many collisions so it didn’t end up forming into a planet
What is the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt?
How big is Ceres?
 Ceres is as big as Pluto’s moon, Charon.
What two planets is the asteroid belt in between? Mars and Jupiter
What is the big red spot on Jupiter? What are all the colors about? It is in the Southern Hemisphere, it is larger than Earth and is a giant hurricane that rotates clockwise. The clouds are made of ammonia crystals that give Jupiter its colors.
What is the chemical make-up of Jupiter?
 It is a giant gas planet that is made up of 90% hydrogen 10% helium.
Who first discovered Jupiter’s moons?
What planet is Ganymede approximately the size of?
 It is approximately the size of Mercury
Is their water on Ganymede?
What is the core of Ganymede composed of?
 Sulfide Iron-Iron
Is there life on Ganymede? It is unknown if there is life on Ganymede
Is it possible for Saturn to float in water? If so, why?
 Yes because it is about 30% less dense than water.
How many moons does Saturn have and what are their names?
 18, Atlas, Calypso, Dione, Enceladus, Epimethius, Helene, Hyperion, lapetus, Janus, Mimas, Pan, Pandora, Phoebe, Prometheus, Rhea, Telesto, Tethys, Titan
What are Saturn’s rings made of? ice crystals
What 3 gasses make up Uranus? hydrogen, helium, and methane
Why is Uranus tilted (spin on its side)? Because a planet the size of Earth crashed into it.
How are day lengths on Uranus affected by wind? The day length (rotation, which is on it’s side) varies from 15 - 17.5 hours because of high or low wind speeds, which increase or decrease the time of rotation.
Does Neptune have moons? How many? Yes, 13
What spaceship has gotten the closest to Neptune and when? Voyager 2, on on August 25, 1889, 3000 miles away.
what is Neptune’s atmosphere made of and how does this affect its appearance? It is made of many different types of gasses. The one that most affects the human eye is methane. It creates the blueish color of the planet and may also cause ice clouds
What is Saturn’s shape and what causes its shape? 
 It is slightly oval shaped because of its rings and rapid rotation.
What speeds do winds reach on Neptune and how does this compare to other planets? The speed of the winds can reach up to 1,200 mph, and is believed to be the home of the most powerful winds of all planets.
Why is Pluto not a planet?
 Even though Pluto does orbit the sun, it is part of the Kupier Belt. Some objects in the Kupier Belt are larger than Pluto, so astronomers decided to name all things in the Kupier Belt dwarf planets.
What is unique about Pluto’s orbit?
 Pluto’s orbit is tilted 17 degrees off of the flat plain that the other planets make and takes 248 earth years to complete the orbit. The orbit can range from 30 AU’s away from the sun to 39. It also goes in front of neptune for part of it’s orbit.
Does Pluto have a moon and if so what is unique about its orbit? Charon is pretty big for a moon and they orbit as binary dwarf planets- around each other instead of 1 around another.
When was Pluto discovered and who discovered it? 1930 by Clyde W. Tombaugh as a mistake.
What is the closest Eris gets to the sun? The farthest? The closest is 38 AUs and the farthest is 97 AUs
How many Earth years does it take for Eris to orbit the sun? 557 years
Does Eris have a moon and if so what is it called? Yes, Dysnomia
When was Eris first discovered, how and by whom? Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David Rabinowitz discovered it in 2005 at Palomar Observatory from images taken in 2003.
What is Eris’ crust and interior made of? mostly methane ice and rock
What is Hale Bopp’s orbit like? How long does it take to orbit and what is the shape of the orbit? It takes 2,533 years to orbit and it makes an oval (draw pic). It is very close to the sun at for part of it’s orbit, but very far away from the sun most of the time.
When is Hale Bopp moving fastest? Slowest? It is moving fastest when it is closest to the sun and slowest when it is farthest from the sun
What causes a comet’s tail and what kind of tails does Hale Bopp have? A comet’s tail is caused by solids in the comet turning into gasses, carrying dust with it, and force from solar wind and radiation is put on to the gasses and dust, and a visible tail forms. Hale Bopp has 3 types of tails- gas, dust, and sodium.
What is the interior of Hale Bopp made of? ice and rock
What is the range of orbit times for comets in general, the shortest? Longest? Short orbital comets have an orbit of less than 200 years. Long term orbital comets have an orbital time of 200 years to millions of years.
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