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Zoonoic Parasites tapeworms, hook worms, round worms, giardia
Vomiting The forcefuly ejecation of food and fluid
Regurgitation Passive reflux of swallowed Material from esophagus
Small intestine Dz symptoms Normal urge and freguency with large blulky or watery stool with no straning that stomes can be dark black and malodorus with blood.
Symptoms of Large Intestine DZ Frequent urgentcy and deffication of small fecal volume causing straining with mucas and frank red blood in stool.
Parvovirus is stable in a enviroment for how long? 12 Months
What Breeds are more likely to get Parvo virus Rott, pitbulls, dobermen, german shep.
How long can an animal shed the parvo for up to three weeks
What should a puppies vaccination record be should start at 6 weeks all the way to 12.
Why should you begin vaccination at 6 to 12 weeks? The maternal antibodies from colustrum are strating to wear off.
How do you treat Parvo? Eletroclytes, antibiotics in serve cases, and fluids.
If a dog lives after the first three days it has a higher chance to what? Recover.
What is the difference between FECV and FIP FECV only attacks GI tract and is not fatal. FIP is 100% fatal and attacks many organs
If an animal has FECV does it have FIP? No, however if it has FIP it has or has had FECV.
What makes up the Fundus? optic disk, retina, vitreuous, vasculature.
What happens with Entropian eye lid turns in toward the eye.
What Breeds are more then likely to get Entroppain Rotts, St. Bernards, Sharpie, Boxers, pugs
What is an extropain eyelids severly slacking/inverted
What breeds get extrpians? Hounds and cockers
What is the difference between a supperficial Ulcerative Keratitis and a deep culceration? They are the same only difference is the depth of the ulceration.
What is the main cause of supperificial ulcerative keratitis? Foxtails
What is Glacoma increase of intraocular pressure
What can Glacoma lead too? Retinal and ocular disk destruction
What breeds get Inhereted catarcats? Poodles, cockers, Germen sheps, labs
What is retinal displaysia Maldeveliopment of retina.
Created by: Fuarie