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The Tiger Rising

What is a hobo and its part of speech? a wanderer. noun
What does pelt mean? a. to stick with objects b. an animals fur coat
what does rapscallion mean? a rascal or scoundrel
What does fervent mean? very enthusiastic
What does billow mean? to swell out like a wave
What does Whittle mean? to carve wood in a figure or shape
what does conjure mean to call fourth spirits from nothing
what does shabby mean and what is its part of speech? poor condition, run down. adj
what does harbor mean? a.a body of water were ships dock b.a place of safety c. to provide safety.
what does emancipate mean? to set free.
What does Leprosy? skin disease
What does Defy mean to disobey
What does Hoodwink mean to trick
What does exert mean to put fourth strength
What does assuage mean to relive pain
what does scimitar mean a large curved sword
what does finagle mean to use dishonest methods
What does hodgepodge mean a mixture
What does wail mean to cry loudly
Created by: AlexBailey