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Step III

Step III - FP/Prevention 3

What is used for malarial prophylaxis Doxy
What is used for traveler’s diarrhea prophylaxis CIPRO
What is the tx for mild persistent asthma Low dose inhaled steroids daily
What is the tx for mild intermittment asthma Rescue inhaler
Asthma attack no more than 2x/wk = Mild intermittment
Tx for moderate persistent asthma High dose inhaled steroids daily
Asthma S/S that occur daily = moderate persistent asthma
If inhaled steroids are not keeping asthma sx at bay what may be added Montelukast and zileuton
What etio for mumps PARAmyxovirus
Parotitis, orchitis, deafness = Mumps
Confirmatory test for pyloric stenosis U/S
Gold standard for removal foreign objects RIGID bronch
First line tx for OM Amoxicillin
Tx for OM if child allergic to PCN Azithromycin
OM resistant to amox Amox/clav
low-grade fever, rash, and lymphadenopathy. Suboccipital and postauricular nodes. Maculopapular rash begins on face Rubella
< 20 lbs. AND < 1 year old Rear seat of vehicle, facing backwards in car seat
20-40 lbs. AND > 1 year old Rear seat of vehicle, facing forwards in car seat
> 40 lbs Booster seat with shoulder and lap belt
Height of 4’9’’ or > Use of seatbelt without any assistance
< 13 years old Safest in the back seat of vehicle
MCC obstructive anomaly of female genital tract Imperforate hymen
Bulging yellow-gray mass at level introitus shortly after birth Imperforate hymen
Primary amenorrhea w/ cyclic pelvic pain Imperforate hymen
Imperforate hymen study of choice US
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