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Step III

Step III - Peds 2

roll back and forth 7 mos
sit w/o support 7 mos
know name 7 mos
raking grasp 7 mos
sleep all night 7 mos
stranger anxiety 7 mos
Crawl 8-12 mos
Sitting 8-12 mos
Pull self to stand 8-12 mos
Walk w/ support 8-12 mos
Stand w/o support 8-12 mos
Pincer grasp 8-12 mos
Imitates 8-12 mos
“mama, dada” 8-12 mos
Finger feeds self 8-12 mos
Words but not sentences 18 mos
Runs well 24 mos
Stand on tip toes 24 mos
Walk up and down stairs w/ support 24 mos
2-4 word sentence 24 mos
Use utensils 24 mos
Recognize names 24 mos
Make believe play 24 mos
4+ cubes 18-24 mos
Hop 3-4 yo
Stand one foot 3-4 yo
Walk up and down stairs W/O support 3-4 yo
Dress themselves 4-5 yo
COPY triangle 4-5 yo
Distinguish fantasy from reality 4-5 yo
memorize his/her own name, address, and telephone number 5yo
Development order for GIRLS Boobs, peak height velocity, pubes, tubes
Newborn screening PKU, HYPOthyroid
Lead screening 12 mos
Pt 3-18 mos c/o ab pain, leg withdrawing, currant jelly stools. Dx Intussusception
Diagnostic and tx for intussusception Contrast enema
Cyanosis with feeding but improves with crying Choanal atresia
Tx for Choanal atresia Insert catheter to nose
Confirmatory test for Choanal atresia CT confirms
Mucopurulent eye w/ hyperemia, 5-14 days old pt Inclusion/ Chlamydia conjunctivitis
Tx for Inclusion/ Chlamydia conjunctivitis oral/topical erythromycin
Profuse mucopurulent eye drainage, Injected conjunctiva, 2-5 days old Gonorrheal conjunctivitis
Tx for Gonorrheal conjunctivitis IM ceftrx + topical erythro
Prophylx for Gonorrheal conjunctivitis Silver nitrate prophx
Conjunctivitis in First 24 hours of life Chemical conjunctivitis
Tx for Chemical conjunctivitis Saline wash
Nasal discharge UNIlateral Foreign body
Nasal discharge B/L Sinusitis
Nasal discharge thick Cystic Fibrosis
Diseases that present at neonate Duodenal atresia / Hirschsprung/ NEC / Meconiun ileus
Low surfactant  collapsed alveoli; R to L shunting via DA + FO; compliance, O2, residual capacity Premature infant w/ RDS
Tx for Premature infant w/ RDS O2 via CPAP + Surfactant
Infant breastfeeding and mom has VZ. If mom has VZ anywhere b/t 5 days before birth and 2 days after birth what do you do for infant Give infant VZIG
Infant breastfeeding and mom has VZ found on day 3 after birth of child. What is rec for breastfeeding Continue breastfeeding
Infant breastfeeding and mom has VZ. If mom has lesions on breast then what is the rec for breast feeding infant Isolate infant from mom
knows own name 9 mos
plays ball 12 mos
lines, scribbles 15 mos
3 tower cube 15 mos
7 cube tower 24 mos
thread shoelaces 24 mos
rides tricycle 3yo
hops on one foot 4 yo
bedwetting before what age is normal < 5yo
Created by: DrINFJ



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