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RB Zoology Protista

This stack will help review the Kingdoms Monera and Protista

Where does waste material leaves the body of a protist? Anal Pore
In protists, where does digestion takes place? Food Vacuole
Which protist causes malaria? Plasmodium
What part is used for Ameoba locomotion and food getting? Pseudopodia
What part is used for Euglena locomotion and food getting? Flagellum
What part is used for Paramecium locomotion and food getting? Cilia
Which protist causes the “red tide”? Dinoflagellate
Which part helps Euglena find the brightest area in its environment? Eyespot
How would you describe the shape of an ameoba? Always changing
How do you describe a single celled organism that have many organelles and a nucleus? Eukaryote
How do you describe a single celled organism that is very primative with no definate nucleus? Prokaryote
What happens to a protist when the contractile vacuole stops working? Cell Bursts
Which organelle allows the Euglena to produce its own food? Chloroplasts
Which protist structure aids in maintaining cell water balance? Contractile Vacuole
Daughter cells with genetic information different from the parent cell is a result of which reproduction process? Conjugation
Daughter cells with genetic information the same as the parent cell is a result of which reproduction process? Asexual Reproduction
A type of Asexual Reproduction is? Binary Fisson
The shells (or exoskeletons) of Diatoms are made of what substance? Silica
What type of mosquito transmits malaria to humans? Anopheles
How many stages are in the Malaria infection cycle? Seven (3 in the humman, 4 in the mosquito)
How are Euglenas similiar to animal-like protists? They can also catch food if necessary.
Why are paramecium convient to use in a lab? They are easy to grow and observe.
In a malaria infection, what happens to the liver cells? Spores infect liver cells and then Liver cells burst releasing spores that infect RBC’s.
What is Stage 1 of an Malaria infection? Anopheles mosquito bites an infected human and picks up Plasmodium cells from the blood.
Created by: routlawkrynicki